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Holy Trinity Church, Platt Lane, Manchester, M14 5NF

I can always remember wondering about why we were here, how we were here, was there more to life, what was the purpose of life and why was planet earth perfect enough to be part of a wonderful ecosystem that could support life? Some quite deep philosophical questions for a 10 year old! I found the answers to these questions a few years ago and ever since have always held on to these.  They were answers that I found in the Love of Jesus Christ. 

So when and how exactly did I become a Christian? There are three interlinking stories that lead me to realise the breadth and length and height and depth of Christ’s love.

First of all, I suppose the main witness to me was my Dad. My parents separated eight years ago, the root cause being my Dads alcohol addiction. It was truly awful to see my Dads health, life and wellbeing deteriorate. He went from being a top firearms police officer in Lancashire to a man only caring about his next drink. It was a rollercoaster journey that went through him losing his family, his career, and so very nearly his own life. I remember distinctively the moment where my brother and I were collected from school lessons to go to the hospital to prepare to say, in effect, goodbye to our Dad.  

When I wrote this I rang my Grandma to get as much information about the situation we were all in as I can’t remember any of it. Some of the things she told me I just couldn’t believe even though I was there amongst it all! So after 45 stays in hospital on normal and psychiatric wards, after having liver failure, contracting pneumonia and MRSA, he really was in a bad way, but looking back, I kind of saw it as the norm. In the end it got to a point where I hadn’t known any different, I’d learnt to live without a Dad because I just didn’t see him for months on end. It was as if I was expecting him to one day be gone.

But then the good bit, no in fact the superb bit. My dad was next to an old school friend of his in hospital, and this guy kept saying to him, “that ward clerk likes you”, to which my dad responded with semi-conscious laughing. It turns out that ward clerk was a very nice woman, but most importantly a follower of Christ. She really helped my dad, and she promised him a date should he get out of hospital and improve his health. He took her up on this offer, and after meeting up with her many times he began to see more and more things stood out about her; he saw something a bit different. She went on to tell my Dad about the Lord Jesus Christ and after seeing what God had done for him and how God had intricately catered for every section of his pathway towards Christ, he too accepted the truth and was saved by Christ.

A few years down the line they are now happily married with a nice new house and a prospering business – Christ really has worked in his life, people double take if they see him in the street; he has taken such a change for the better thanks to God.

At the time all this had been going on, over a matter of years, I had become good friends with a girl I knew. She was the one I always talked to about my Dad and always tried to help me if I got upset. I saw something different in her too. Up until I became a Christian I was most definitely an atheist, I hated church, just as my Dad had, and really didn’t want to know anything about Christianity and couldn’t understand why people would be Christian.

Abigail invited me to an evening with John McKay from Creation Research Australia to debate over evolution and such. John McKay was awesome. He really did push me in a direction closer to Christ. One thing I remember in particular is a quote he gave us which was published by a scientist of the 19th century – Charles Lyell. He said, “Science gives us the glasses which we see the world through”.

After knowing her well for many years she invited me along to her church’s holiday away – her church which is now my church back home in Leyland. After a week of good speakers, worship, lots of saxophone playing and really feeling the presence of God, my heart became warm to God. I realised what God had done for my Dad and on the last night of the week I asked God to enter my life and be the Governor of my life – and I can say I have never looked back since!

So in conclusion I guess for me becoming a Christian was a long process based upon people’s witness to me, scientific evidence and also my relationship with God. I now don’t care about science in some respects, since becoming a saint of Christ I don’t need science – I have more than enough with God! God has worked tremendously in my life and family members’ lives. Thanks to nothing earthly but purely Christ I now have a good relationship with my Dad, but more importantly, I have a fantastic relationship with God. There is no better decision than becoming part of the family of God.

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