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Holy Trinity Church, Platt Lane, Manchester, M14 5NF

Small Groups

At Platt we believe passionately that one of God’s gifts to us is church family. Our walk with Jesus is done not in isolation but in community with others following Jesus.

Because we are a slightly larger church than some we are committed that this happens best if you make it into a Small Group.

A wide variety of groups

We know people of all ages and stages come to Platt. We have a wide variety of Small Groups meeting at differnet times and in different places. They are all about 8-12 Christians meeting to study the Bible and to share our Christian lives, and help one another keep going in the faith.

Something for everyone

Many meet during midweek evenings. Some have you in mind if you are at a certain stage of life, like being a student or a senior citizen. Some have you in mind if you are looking to meet at a time such as during the day. Some have you in mind if you are getting to know people from across the life of Platt. Some have you in mind if you are only just beginning to explore what Christianity is!

United in Christ

What they all have in common is that we hope God sets the agenda for our group-life. So we all study the Bible together. We hope that by learning from the Bible, discussing questions and seeing how it applies to our lives we can better follow Jesus. And they all have Christian community in mind - where we care for, encourage, and look out for one another in ways that help us follow Jesus.

Church family is a great gift. It’s out great hope that we can help every person making Platt their home to find a Small Group and continue walking with Jesus, with others alongside.

Holy Trinity Platt Church, Platt Lane, Manchester, M14 5NF
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